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Rock-opera Jesus Christ – Superstar.
Live in Jerusalem, 2001

watch videoAria of Jesus (Oleg Predtechensky) (8 Mb)
watch videoAria of Judas (Oleg Litskevich) (8 Mb)
watch videoAria of Herod (Natalia Shateeva) (5 Mb)
watch videoJesus and Judas (Oleg Predtechensky and Oleg Litskevich) (6 Mb)

Love-rock musical “Hair” (Moscow Tribe).
Russian TV, 1999

watch videoReview (8 Mb)
watch videoReview (33 Mb)

Love-rock musical “Hair” (Moscow Tribe).
Live in Los Angeles, Hollywood, April, 2006

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Love-rock musical “Hair”.
The best Tribes of the world
(Moscow, San Francisco, Paris, New York).
October, 2006

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