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Ernest Bryll

The Vigil

Dramatic poem


"The Vigil" ("Wieczernik") is a dramatic poem by the eminent Polish poet Ernest Bryll centred on the truth behind all the Christian teachings and beliefs, viz.,  Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Following the death of Jesus on a cross, his disciples were at a loose end, that is, down and out, rather than waiting for His Resurrection. All the Evangelists are unanimous in their testimony that when the word of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ had got around, his disciples were adamant in refusing to believe it until they themselves could ascertain the fact. Later on, even with Christ having revealed himself to his disciples, they did not unambiguously recognised him as their teacher.

Naturally, their having made sure of the truth of the Resurrection explains their subsequent perseverance in spreading their Faith, sacrificing their lives for it.

But how the strength of that Faith was born, in what doubts and agonies is the subject of the play.

Running time  1 hour 50 minutes

Director: Kety Dolidze

Translation from the Polish: Alla Akhundova
Artist: Yury Gegeshidze
Music: Stas Namin