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Andrew Lloyd Webber  / Tim Rice

"Jesus Christ Super Star"


In the early '70s, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice completed their first major rock opera "Jesus Christ Super Star". After a successful "live" performance, an LP was produced, with millions of copies sold. And in October 1971, Broadway saw a premiere of an enhanced stage version. The musical, which portrays the last week in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, proved to be an enormous hit. The rock opera "Jesus Christ Super Star" has been produced for the Russian dramatic stage several times since its creation. It is standard practice for operas to be performed in the original; that is why the US productions of Onegin are in Russian, and those of Carmen are in French. The Jesus Christ was envisioned by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice not as a mainstream musical, harking back to the operetta, but as a full-scale opera, to be written in modern musical language, with all the operatic traditions, such as the protagonists' arias, chorus, observed. Unlike


conventional musicals, the Jesus Christ has no spoken numbers, the entire performance being based on vocals and recitative.

The theatre presents the concert version of the famous rock opera in the language of the original (English) and attempts to reproduce the distinctive features of the 1970 original recording, which has been widely acclaimed and come to be regarded as the worldwide standard.

The production's hallmark is barebones theatrical scenery and costumes, in line with the principle of Big Brother. This enables the viewers to focus on the actors' performance and music. Right from the beginning, the show proves so powerful that even those in the audience who do not speak English find it hard to keep their emotions under control during climax scenes.

Running time  1 hour 30 minutes

Lyrics: Tim Rice
Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Production: Stas Namin, Andrei Rossinsky
Scenography: Andrei Volodenkov
Chorus master: Laslo Dolinsky
Choreographer: Anastasia Davydova