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Federico Garcia Lorca

"The House of Bernarda Alba"

Drama in 2 acts


The play was written by one of the last romantics of the 20th century, Federico Garcia Lorca. The story it is based on was witnessed by the author at Spanish countryside, where overprotectiveness towards one's relations makes family life absolute hell.
All that happens is aggravated by struggle, rivalry, hostility among the heroines, which sometimes escalates into madness, and all because of men. The play has no males, but men are nonetheless a constant, albeit invisible presence.
Professional performances by actresses, vivid theatrical scenery and flamenco music leave no heart untouched in the audience.

Running time 2 hours 10 minutes



Director: Nana Kvaskhvadze
Artist: Yury Gegeshidze

*the show features original music by F.G. Lorca, as well as works by Jessie Cook and Paco de Lucia.