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First Musical Satellite Linkup
and Jam (Session) via Space


A few months after the World Youth and Student Festival in Moscow, in the autumn of 1985, Stas Namin and David Woollcombe, head of the US-based Peace Child choir and theatre, decided to develop the friendship formed between Russian and American children during the Festival by setting up a live satellite linkup in collaboration with Iosif Goldin and Zolotarevsky.

The plans provided for it to be used not only for communication between the children who had become friends at the festival, but also for a meeting between the musicians of the Stas Namin Group and well-known US musicians to enable them to play the first-ever jam session via space.

Anchored by Vladimir Posner on the Soviet side and John Denver on the US side, the teleconference was titled after Stas Namin's song "We Wish You Happiness" and became a sensation not only as a social innovation, but also as one of the best human-interest shows on Soviet television, leaving no one indifferent.

The teleconference saw sincere and enthusiastic meetings between children and jam sessions, which culminated in a dialogue between Stas Namin's guitar and Steve Rifkin's keyboard, who had to take into account several seconds of delay in sound travelling across half the globe. That was the world's second satellite linkup and the first-ever jam session played via space by musicians from opposite sides of the planet.


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