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One world festival




The concept of One World festival is to gather performers of different nations, races and religions at one stage. The global aim of the festival is to overcome national, social and religious segregation of people of our planet, search for effective ways to achieve actual international unity and fraternity of people.

The idea of  one world set and consolidated as the future movement in 1986 during the festival Arena of Hurricanes in Tokyo where Stas Namin was invited by Peter Gabriel. During the festival they spoke a lot about social problems of today, the role of arts and music in the world. It became evident that using such popular genres as pop and rock music and taking into account the great expressive force of art understandable in any language it is possible to demonstrate real urge for unity and understanding of all people of the world irrespective of race, nationality and religion.  Positive energy of art provides for natural coexistence at one stage of representatives of the most politically implacable regions and can be naturally perceived by audience with equal delight. Such events help people to understand that national, religious and racial conflicts are not conflicts between people but especially provoked conflicts of interests related just to power and money.

Such festivals demonstrate that people living under the same sky on the same planet Earth are eager and can live together as one family, one home, one world.