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The Nation's First
Music Video



Realizing the absolute futility of playing rock music, and, come to think of it, the entire genre as well, Namin decided to get a new profession. In 1982, he enrols on the Higher Scripting and Directing Courses of the USSR Goskino (State Committee for Cinematography). In '83, he makes the nation's first music video based on his song "Old-Style New Year" (lyrics by Andrey Voznesensky) performed by Tsvety. Back then, the Russian language had no name for a music video, and it was presented as coursework under the name of "visualized song". The lead vocals were provided by Yuri Gorkov (vocals, bass guitar), with contributions from Alexander Malinin, Alexander Losev, Alexander Yanenkov. The video had two parallel story lines: one centred on a modern-day car dump; the other featured medieval costumes at the time of the Inquisition — a scene of burning "seditious" literature. The video was found to be anti-Soviet and, naturally enough, was promptly forbidden in the USSR. It was not until the autumn of 1986 that it was screened on MTV in the USA and Canada during the group's first tour abroad and proved a success. And in 1989, this historic music video was used to open the first festival of national music videos, called "Pokoleniye".