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1964. In Cadet Military College
of Moscow
1977. "Flowers" at the Odessa Palace of Sport 1985. Golden Orpheus Festival 1985. Moscow festival of youth and students

1986. Wolfgang Club, San Francisco 1986. Lime Light Club, New York 1986. Lime Light Club, New York   1986. Hurricane Arena, Tokyo

1987. Mozambique, Africa 1988. S.Namin, Scorpions. Moscow, Gorky Park 1989. Stas Namin, Frank Zappa. Moscow, Gorky Park 1989. International rock festival at Luzhniki. Moscow

1997. S.Namin, A.Abdulov, R.Gere. Moscow 1997. R.Gere, S.Namin, A.Losev. Moscow 1997. Kamasutra album recording 1997. Kamasutra album recording

1997. Noel Redding (Jimi Hendrix Experience), Stas Namin 1997. Concert at Pushkin Square. Moscow. 2004. S.Namin, S.Dyuzhikov, F.Gambela, A.Zubov. Los Angeles 2001. "Flowers" Anniversary Concert, Moscow

2001. S.Namin, N.Noskov, A.Gradsky, A.Romanov. Moscow 2004. Knitting Factory Club. New York 2007. S.Dyuzhikov, S.Namin. Moscow 2007. U.Gor'kov, V.Matetsky, S.Namin. Moscow

2007. "Flowers". Moscow 2007. Moscow