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Father's tree


A part of the Mikoyans' family tree
(Originally derives from 1780-s)

Anastas Ivanovich Mikoyan with his wife Ashhen Lazarevna Mikoyan (Tumanyan)   From left to right, above: Vladimir, Sergo, Stepan, Aleksey, Ivan. Sit: Artyom Ivanovich Mikoyan, Anastas Ivanovich Mikoyan, Gay Lazarevich Tumanyan, Ashhen Lazarevna Mikoyan (Tumanyan)   Anastas Mikoyan with his wife Ashhen Mikoyan

Ashhen Mikoyan and her 5 sons.From left to right: Ivan, Stepan, Vladimir, Aleksey, Sergo (in front of his mum) Aleksey Anastas, Ashhen Mikoyan and their 5 sons

Aleksey Mikoyan - the senior lieutenant, 1949

Aleksey Mikoyan with a racing car presented by Vasily Stalin, 1949

Aleksey Mikoyan - the senior lieutenant, with dogs Karo and Taro, 1949

Alexey Mikoyan near his fighter MIG-15

Aleksey Mikoyan - the senior lieutenant, 1948

Alexey Mikoyan in a cabin of a fighter MIG-15

The top row, from left to right: Stepan, Alla (wife of Sergo) with daughter Karina, Sergo, Eleonora (wife of Stepan), Ivan with wife Zinaida, Aleksey with wife Nami.
The bottom row: mother of Anastas Ivanovich - Talita Otarovna, Volodya (son of Sergo and Alla), Anastas Ivanovich with grand daughter Svetlana (daughter Sergo and Alla), Ashhen (daughter of Stepan and Eleonora), beside from above: Volodya (son of Stepan and Eleonora), Ashhen Lazarevna with grandchildren Stas (at the left) and Nina (on the right) - children of Aleksey and Nami, Anastas (son of Ivan and Zina), mother of Ashhen Lazarevna - Verginiya Georgievna, Olya (daughter of Ivan and Zina)