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The author of music - without designations,
the Author of the text - is designated as «Lyrics»,
the author of music and the text - is designated as «+Lyrics»,
forbidden to the USSR and not published songs - is designated as «-»


I love Only a Rock-and-Roll (+Lyrics)
You and Me (Lyrics)
I shall Enter your World (+Lyrics), In English
Ah, Mum (Lyrics)
At Night (Lyrics)
Early to Say Goodbye
If you are not Nearby
Leaeve It As It Is
Summer Night


Hymn to the Sun
Where the Wind Lives
Just Listen (Lyrics)
Tell Me Yes
Dedication to the Beatles
Morning and Night
Transparent Wall
Our Secret
Everything, as Before
Ah, these Dances
But You don't Know
I shall Find
Let Know
Circus (Clowns' Love Story)
We are Married by Time
White Ice Floes
We wish You Happiness


Empty Nut (Y.Kuznetsov's verses) -
Keep to It (E.Evtushenko's verses) -
Nostalgia for the Present (A.Voznesensky's verses) -
Buzzer (A.Tarkovsky's verses) -
Ancient Dream (Y.Kuznetsov's verses) -
When I don't Cry (Y.Kuznetsov's verses) -
November Snow (A.Bitov's verses) -
Once at Night (D.Samojlov's verses) -
Not Over Yet (E.Evtushenko's verses) -
I don't Surrender (E.Evtushenko's verses) -
Old New Year (A.Voznensky's verses) -
The Girl from New York (A.Voznesensky's verses) -
Cocks Crowing by the Sea (E.Evtushenko's verses)-
Idol (E.Evtushenko's verses) -
Let's Join Hands (B.Okudzhava's verses) -
And it is Pleasant to Me (E.Evtushenko's verses) -
Under Water (E.Evtushenko's verses) -
Grandpup and Grandmum (A.Basilova's verses) -
Brick Floating Along the River (N.Rubtsov's verses) -
If I am Famous (N.Rubtsov's verses) -


Wind of Change (music "Scorpions"), In Russian
Africa (a remake of a song Jurmala) , +Lyrics
I shall Enter Your World (remake) , +Lyrics, In Russian


watch video Jurmala  The Stas Namin Group "Flowers"
    (Minneapolis, USA, 1986)

watch video I don't Surrender  The Stas Namin Group "Flowers"
    (The Limelight club, New York, USA, 1986)

watch video We Wish You Happiness  Stas N. + Guests
    (One World Festival, the Red Square, 1997)

watch video We Wish You Happiness  Stas N. + Guests
    (The Flowers 30 Years Anniversary Concert, 2001)


послушать музыку Africa Special guests - rock and pop stars of Russia
   (Remake of "Jurmala", recorded in 1997)

послушать музыку Nostalgia for the Present  The Flowers
   (30 Years Anniversary Concert, Life, 2001)

послушать музыку  We Wish You Happiness  Stas Namin - lead vocal
   (Remake, recorded in 2007)

послушать музыку Summer Night The Flowers
   (Remake, recorded in 2007)